About the Authors

Lena Gabrielle: Playwright and Composer

Lena Gabrielle, 21, is a senior Music Theory/ Piano Performance major at Ithaca College in central New York. At school, she is the President of Affairs of IC Bell People, the on-campus bell choir. Lena has been involved in the Harry Potter fandom since August 2007, when she started her wizard rock band, The Butterbeer Experience. Since then, she has been to six Harry Potter conventions and played over 75 wizard rock shows around the US and Canada. Following a substantial hiatus from both wizard rock and classical composition, Lena became inspired to write The Final Battle after her wizard rock opera, Fair Fortune, was performed by Moravian College’s theatre department in November 2009.

Lena enjoys chocolate, shoe shopping, sparkles, cats, GLEE, LOST, avocados, Iron Chef, texting, Halloween, and singing along to bad pop music in the car.

Mallory Vance: Assistant Playwright and Organizer

Mallory, 21, is a senior at Iowa State University studying Economics, English, and Spanish. She is involved in choir and attends every theater production that she can. Her English minor is composed entirely of creative writing courses, and her passion is screen and play writing. She has written a full-length screen play parody of Star Wars called Solar Battles and her dream is to see it produced. Mallory has been reading Harry Potter since the day it was released in the US (and is eternally grateful to the librarian who talked her into reading them) and got involved in fanfiction shortly after that. It wasn’t until after the release of the 5th book that she discovered Wizard Rock, but she has been obsessed ever since. Mallory owns around 100 Wrock CDs and attends every concert within a six hour radius. Infinitus will only be her third conference, but she hopes to make it the third of many.

Mallory loves chocolate, reading, LOST, watching movies, toast, the internet, St. Patrick’s day, and her beautiful ipod touch. She also doesn’t understand why some of Lena’s words are in a different color.

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