Cast List!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to the cast of The Final Battle. We had to make some really tough decisions (you are all just WAY too talented) but we had to keep the cast down to 45ish in order to all fit on the stage.

If you don’t see your name on this list but are still interested in helping out in other capacities (tech, stage crew, sets, filming, etc.) please send us an e-mail and let us know. We would love to still have you involved.

If your name IS on the list, please email us at to confirm your role. If you can no longer commit to The Final Battle, or don’t feel comfortable with the part you’ve been given please let us know and we will work to fix the problem. You will be receiving more information about script, songs, and rehearsals soon.

Again you are all talented, and we wish that we hadn’t had to cut anybody. Thanks for contributing to lots of smiles and laughs and OMGs.

We love all of you,

Mallory & Lena


(in order of appearance)

Neville Longbottom- Thomas Barney

Harry Potter- Cole Harbeck

Ron Weasley- Fred Merganthaler

Hermione Granger- Rachel Wach

Lord Voldemort- Tom Forrister

Nagni- Kristina Quinn Gannotta

Ginny Weasley- Sunny Williams

Luna Lovegood- Tianna Mignogna

Moaning Myrtle- Jennie Steinberg

The Eagle- Becky Kolacki

Alecto Carrow- Courteni Dunbar

Amycus Carrow- Cara Stone

Professor McGonagall- Gwendolyn Grace

Severus Snape- Rob Ciano

Professor Trelawny- Leah Schroeder

Professor Sprout- Erin Pyne

Remus Lupin- Caleb Meek-Bradley

Fred Weasley- Stephanie Pavluk

George Weasley- Sara J. Perkins

Percy Weasley- John Noe

Bill Weasley- Joseph Cardenas

Fleur Weasley- Anna Good

Molly Weasley- Christie Mowery

Arthur Weasley- Andrew Slack

Bellatrix Lestrange- Achona Vela

Pansy Parkinson- Lauren Fairweather

The Grey Lady- Maggie Melchoir

Rubeus Hagrid- Joseph Cardenas

Lucius Malfoy- Perseus LePage

Grandma Longbottom- Melissa Anelli

John Dawlish- John Noe

Nymphadora Tonks- Leah Bartles

Draco Malfoy- Sam Harris

Vincent Crabbe- Londa Edwards

Gregory Goyle- Liberty Rodriguez

Lily Potter- Rachel Keeler

James Potter- Quinn Rossi

Young Lily Dancer- Megan Markham

Young Snape Dancer- Alex Shade

Albus Dumbledore- Andrew Slack

Girl Who Sings Then Dies- Audrey Bader

Sirius Black- David Bogojevich

Narcissa Malfoy- Jennifer Hammond

Dancing/ Singing Wizards

Katie Brennan

Anastasia Cobb

Courteni Dunbar

Londa Edwards

Kristina Quinn Gannotta

Anna Good

Samantha Hall

Becky Kolacki

Rachel Keeler

Megan Markham

Kayla Sklar

Singing Wizards

Audrey Bader

Leah Bartles

David Bogojevich

Joseph Cardenas

Justin Daube

Lauren Fairweather

Frankie Franco

Jenn Hammond

Sam Harris

Alyssa Healey

Caleb Meek-Bradley

Maggie Melchoir

Christie Mowery

John Noe

Stephanie Pavluk

Sara J. Perkins

Erin Pyne

Liberty Rodriguez

Quinn Rossi

Leah Schroeder

Andrew Slack

Jennie Steinberg

Cara Stone

Achona Vela

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